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The new academic year brings with it a new project here at the Kraemer Family Library.   As a matter of fact, you’re reading it right now. Congratulations… It’s a blog!

LibNotes is a space for us to share what’s happening in the library, and to explain how new technologies and trends affect the services we offer to the entire UCCS community. Please feel free to leave us comments or ask us questions. (In case you didn’t know, librarians really like having questions to answer.)

Since I’m all about beginnings at this time of year, I want to take a little time to talk write about the All Campus Read, which will be a topic of interest starting at Convocation on August 17th and continuing on through the 2011-2012 school year.  The book is No Impact Man by Colin Beavan, which recounts his family’s attempt to spend one year making minimal impact on the environment by reducing their energy consumption, not producing any trash, and eating only local food. The New York Times profiled them mid-project back in 2007, with an article called “The Year Without Toilet Paper”, a much more attention getting title. Personally, I first noticed the story when Beavan made a guest appearance on The Colbert Report and Stephen Colbert ran an empty microwave for the duration of the interview.

Gawking curiosity over bodily functions and Comedy Central aside, the book is about sustainability, which is an important topic at UCCS. The Office of Sustainability and Students for Environmental Awareness and Sustainability (SEAS) are behind some amazing initiatives on campus like the reusable takeout containers at Clyde’s and the organic vegetable garden at the Heller Center. All new campus building projects strive for certification from the LEED Green Building Rating System. How is the library contributing to sustainability efforts? One very specific example is related to the All Campus Read: We have four copies of No Impact Man on reserve at the circulation desk, so members of the UCCS community can check it out for one week to read and return instead of buying a new copy. Library books will save the world! They will in my head, anyway.

During the month of August the library also has two displays on the third floor dedicated to sustainability. One contains a selection of books on climate change, green living, and environmental literacy from the library’s main collection. The other display is from the Archives, and it traces the evolution of sustainable thinking at UCCS. Archives displays are particularly interesting because the Archives collects and preserves unique materials that document the history of the school.

green Clyde's takeout containerSee more pictures of the display on the library’s Flickr page

If you’d like to learn more about No Impact Man and sustainability in general, take a look at our guide to the All Campus Read. And watch this blog during the coming year, because I will be highlighting new books in the library collection about sustainability and environmental awareness.

However, the library is more than just books and my co-bloggers and I hope that you’ll stay with us to find out more about what we’re doing to keep the library working for you.

About Norah

In Kindergarten, Norah claimed that when she grew up she would become the planet Pluto. After parents and teachers pointed out that this was impossible, her subsequent dream jobs included astronaut, dinosaur hunter, Starfleet officer, film director, doctor, coroner, mathematician, and Top Chef contestant. Naturally, she became a librarian. Whenever Norah isn’t working on her plan for world domination, she can be found in the library answering questions at the reference desk, teaching instruction sessions, buying materials for bio, chem, math, and physics, and generally being awesome.
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