Getting Scopus to Work in Internet Explorer

If you use either version 8.0 or 9.0 of the Internet Explorer web browser (IE8 or IE9), Scopus’ search page is displayed as a long list of links over a white background which makes it difficult to search.  To fix this, here are a few solutions:

  • Use a different web browser. Whether you use a Windows, Macintosh, or Unix-based operating system, you can use alternative web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari. If you don’t have any of these already installed on your computer, you will need to first go to their website and download the web browser on to your computer.
  • If you prefer using Internet Explorer, you can work around this issue by clicking on the “compatibility view” icon located in web address bar (see image below). If you don’t see that “compatibility view” icon, view this How to Use Compatibility View in Internet Explorer 9 video.

Click on the compability view icon in the web address bar to get Scopus to display properly.

Click on the compability view icon in the web address bar to get Scopus to display properly.

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